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Mantikore Cranes is proud providers of top-notch tower cranes in Australia. Our large modern flat top tower cranes are apt for fulfilling all kind of crane challenges, ranging from heavy weight lifting to dealing with delicate shipment. We also deal in providing apposite Tower Cranes Hire and sale in Australia services.

Tower crane

Tower Crane Anatomy

Tower cranes are actually a contemporary version of balance cranes, consisting of all the same basic parts. Mainly used in the construction of tall buildings and hire by constructional sites in Sydney. Tower cranes give the best combination of height and lifting capacity. These are mostly fixed to the ground on a concrete slab, and sometimes attached to the sides of the structures. The base is attached to the mast that gives a tower crane its height. The mast is attached to the slewing unit i.e. gear and motor, allowing the tower crane to rotate.


Top of the slewing unit features 3 primary parts:

  • Operator’s Cab – Crane operator sits here and control each and every movement of the tower crane. Typically, operator’s cab is located on top of the tower attached to the turntable. However, it can be mounted on the jib or partway down the tower, as per the requirement calls for.
  • Long Horizontal Jib (Working Arm) – Part of the tower crane responsible for carrying the load
  • Short Counter-jib–Carries a counterweight, typically of concrete blocks, while the jib suspends the load to/from the center of the tower crane.

Tower Crane Operation

The lifting hook of a tower crane is operated by the crane operator. This is done by means of electric motors for manipulating wire rope cables via a system of sheaves. The lifting hook is located on the long horizontal arm for lifting the load that also contains the motor. Before lowering the lifting hook, a tower crane rotates on its axis.
For hooking or unhooking the loads, the crane operator works in line with a signaler, also known as dogger, rigger or swamper.Crane personnel are always in radio contact in addition to using hand signals. The signaler is not only responsible for scheduling of lifts for the crane but also for maintaining safety of the rigging as well as the loads.

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