Mobile crane

The trend of mobile cranes is not very new, but now it has mounted high to a large extent. At Mantikore Cranes we offer high-quality cranes for sale in NSW at an affordable price. For us, no job is too big or small. We have right set of equipment and expertise to carry out any sort of jobs. All our experts have years of experience, including our dogman and operators. We make sure to keep customer and safety satisfaction into consideration. Indeed, mobile cranes offer many advantages compared to other sorts of cranes. When it comes to set-up time and mobility, these are the first choice. The set-time of mobile cranes can easily hoist thousands of tons without any hassle.

Mobile Cranes

What is mobile crane?

The mobile cranes are controlled by cables which are mounted on rubber-tired carriers and crawlers. These are hydraulic-powered cranes that have telescoping boom stands as self-propelled models or truck type carriers. The operated boom has a hook at the end which is suspended by sheaves and rope. Throughout the year, there are a plethora of transmissions used to power the mobile cranes such as enteric motors, internal combustion engine, and steam engine. Also, there is a wide assortment of mobile cranes available for different functions like truck-mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes and floating cranes.

Mobile Cranes for Sale in NSW

Mantikore Cranes offers a wide assortment of cranes for sale. We are your one-stop destination, offering a wide assortment of cranes and other lifting equipment. Our mobile cranes are also very useful and effective to carry out various construction and industrial tasks. We feature hi-quality mobile cranes for sale in NSW from various big manufacturers. Whether you are looking to buy truck-mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes or floating cranes, we offer all sort of mobile cranes for sale in NSW. All the cranes perform different functions, so when you tell us your needs, we will guide you better which crane is best for you. All the mobile cranes we offer on sale is affordable and assured high-quality. Contact us now to make purchase.

Mobile cranes Hire in Sydney

If you need a mobile crane for a short span of time, then hiring it is the best option. At Mantikore Cranes, we offer you mobile cranes hire in Sydney. Regardless in which area of Sydney you reside, we can help you to get the right crane till the accomplishment of your project. Ready to work and feature pack, our mobile cranes are very useful and powerful. All the types of cranes we offer are of high quality. Our industry-leading fleet of mobile cranes are available for hire and have been used to carry out some of the vast construction projects in Sydney and across Australia.
At Mantikore Cranes, our main aim is to provide high-end cranes for your projects. Whether you are looking to hire mobile cranes or buy, we are the ultimate destination. For more details, contact us today and let us provide you the right crane for your project.


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